Hello! I’m Rachael!

  • I use the term “clairvoyant medium” to explain what I do but in essence I have an amazing gift of being able to communicate with spirits and teach people how they can too with ease. Throughout my life I have seen this seemingly normal ability (to me) has created immense change for others in regards to the losses of loved ones if they are willing to have it.

    I am an Access Bars® practitioner and facilitator as well.

    Along with my own abilities and gifts I use the tools of Access Consciousness® founded by Gary Douglas and co-founder Dr. Dain Heer and Talk To The Entities® founded by Shannon O’Hara. I have always had natural abilities to communicate with entities before I started using these tools, but these tools combined with my own talents has really given me the confidence within myself to not only expand my gifts and offer them to others who desire service, but empower others to explore their own talents and capacities of communication and receiving.

    So, what do I do?

    I am spiritual medium consultant and practitioner & facilitator of the Access Bars®

    My sessions aren’t “psychic readings” or the delivery of “messages from beyond”. The spirits that are around you that desire to communicate with you don’t want to talk to me, they don’t want to talk to you through me, they want to talk to YOU. I coach you to begin to embrace that idea and learn how you can uniquely communicate with spirits. If you found me and are reading this, know that you can communicate with spirits and there is a spirit(s) with you who desires you to! I open & show you the doors to how you can begin to communicate with spirits.

    I am a certified Access Consciousness Bars® practitioner. Access Bars® is a method that is done by gently touching 32 points on the head. This touch on those points contributes to stress relief and general wellbeing. This technique has greatly assisted me with the fear I used to experience around spirits and the thoughts and responses I used to have of being aware of them.

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“Rachael is a reiki student of mine and I have been thoroughly impressed with her journey the last two years. Rachael has a gift of talking to spirit and a unique way I’ve never seen to heal emotional and spiritual pain around the loss of a loved one. Her gift is amazing and I highly recommend Rachael if you’re looking for a one of a kind session that connects to your loved ones while healing all the things that came with that loss or experience. 

She helped reignite my creative spark and I’m grateful for her.” 

Rhianna Mays, Reiki Healing and Intuition

Book a Session

To book a session, email me with what session you would like and a time and date that works for you. Coaching sessions can be done over Zoom, Access Bars® must be done in person.

email: cvtrachaelporter@gmail.com

Communication and Coaching.

In these sessions I walk you through different exercises to begin to learn your own unique signs of spirit awareness and how you can begin to communicate with spirits on your own. I can answer any questions you have about your own personal spirits you may have hanging around or any experiences you’ve had.

I empower others to know that they can communicate with spirits very easily.

I do not want to be the sole source of communication where people think the only way they can talk to a loved one is through me and they lack the ability to do it on their own.

******if you would like to talk to a loved one who has passed, please have that intention and tell me who they are in the email or beginning of the session to save time. Ask them to be present during the session. I will still lean towards walking you through this and have you receive most of the communication but will also communicate any direct messages I receive as well. Doing this invites the specific being to be an active participant in the session instead of just “seeing whoever is there” which could literally be any random spirit who’s hanging around and also be a huge waste of time.

Access Bars® session

An Access Bars® session is done by touching 32 points on the head. It creates a space of general well being and lightness especially if your body goes into fight or flight a lot.

This method is used by wellness practitioners, schools, businesses, mental health professionals, families, athletes, prisons, artists, veterans and more.

If I am facilitating a coaching session and it’s isn’t moving or going anywhere and I notice the client has a lot of walls, blocks and barriers up, I highly recommend receiving an Access Bars® session because it can release the charge behind those walls and can contribute to making the session more digestible.

20 Minute communication and Coaching $25

30 Minute Communication and Coaching. $35

60 Minute Access Bars® session $75

60 minute Access Bars® and coaching combo session $90

90 Minute Access Bars® and coaching combo session $120